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First Media Network Pvt Ltd is a digital first company catering to the modern needs of modern audiences. The company started its operations in 2019 by launching their first website Firstsportz.com. The intention behind starting the multi sport website was to give the much desired attention and in depth informations about various sports.

The editorial guidelines and intentions to deliver news in their purest form took Firstsportz to the pinnacle of sports media and the website soon listed as one of the leading sports website in the World. First Media Network also launched two news websites Firstcuriosity and Techfirstnow catering to the audiences looking for news and information in the Entertaintment and Technology domain.

The company also has a esports division and own two teams in the in various games such as Pokemon Unite, Valorant and BGMI. The esports teams owned by the company has outperformed in several tournaments and is often ranked as one of the most successful units in the esports circuit.


We believe in creativity

We know that anything can be created with enough determination, and we’re here to help you do just that. Don’t limit yourself- let’s get creative together!


We believe in quality

We believe in quality. We know you do too. That’s why we’ve been working hard to make sure that every story we create is the best it can be.


We believe in abilities

Say hello to the best thing that ever happened to you. You might not know it yet, but it’s true. We’re here because we believe in abilities.


We believe in relation

We believe in relation. Relationships are the backbone of our human experience. It’s always better when you’re not alone. Drinks on Us!

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