First Media recorded over 9 million page views in September 2023 and a mammoth social media reach of 300 million across the globe. FirstSportz, a digital sports media house recorded over 8 million page views. It saw marginal growth overall with Tennis, NFL, and MMA being the top-performing sections overall.

Over 70% of the overall audience on the platform came from the USA in September. 20% of the audience came from UK, India, and Australia, while 10% of the audience was from the rest of the world.

The last Grand Slam of the year, the US Open was in September which drove over 100 million users on social media at FirstSportz’s various platforms across Facebook, Twitter (X), Linkedin and Instagram. September also marked the start of the 2023-24 NFL season which was reflected in the projected traffic growth.

In social media, over 100 million reach came from the tennis section, over 50 million from NFL, over 30 million from MMA, over 20 million from WWE, over 20 million from NBA, over 15 million from F1, and over 7 million from NASCAR.

Other than FirstSportz, budding projects FirstCuriosity and TechFirstNow also saw consistent growth. FirstCuriosity had around 500,000 page views while TechFirstNow had around 50,000 page views in September.

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